db series

The db series offers you the smallest and lightest, yet gigworthy cabinets possible. Designed primarily with upright bass (or double bass) players in my mind, who require faithful and detailed reproduction and as little interaction with the room as possible. The cabinets utilize smaller diameter and extended high frequency range speakers with no tweeter necessary. Enclosures are built from a 9 mm birch plywood, featuring the same level of inner bracing as my bigger cabinets. Covered with a tough black tolex for a touch of a vintage look.


the 6micro

There are times you don’t need much. Sometimes you have a certain reason to ask for less. Sometimes you play acoustic with a PA The-6-Micro_websupport, but you want to have your own monitor with your sound available. These are the situations the 6micro has been created for. Very organic and responsive sound!



Configuration: 1×6″

Power Handling: 200W RMS

Impedance: 8OhmThe-6-Micro_backside_web

Sensitivity: 92dB

Frequency Range: 50 – 6500Hz

Size in mm (W x H x D): 240 x 240 x 280

Weight in kg: 4,5

Price: CZK 6990



the 25micro

Building this cab required a lot of consideration…and courage. 5″ speakers, excellent mid and high frequency performers, often hit their limits in handling the low frequencies. Many of them do not have enough sensitivity. And many of them are too dull or completely useless as a bass guitar speakers. After a couple years of chasing for the The-25-Micro_webbest five inch speaker available, the mission has been accomplished: the result is a very deep sounding cab, a bit darker, compared to the 6micro, but providing the same precise and snappy tone. Switchable impedance is useful when stacking more of them. Try this tiny cab and get surprised!



Configuration: 2×5″

Power Handling: 160W RMSThe-25-Micro_backside_web

Impedance: 4 or 16Ohm switchable

Sensitivity: 92dB

Frequency Range: 50 – 8000Hz

Size in mm (W x H x D): 240 x 350 x 280

Weight in kg: 6

Price: CZK 8400



  • the Eight

The bigger sibling of the 6micro, which you still can carry one-hand whilst traveling to your coffeehouse gig through the busy city. Double bass players love the uncolored sound and a certain woodiness in a tone. So the bass guitar players do… Built in tilt-back feature turns this box into a perfect stage monitor!




New Image Coming Soon! 🙂


Configuration: 1×8″

Power Handling: 200W RMS

Impedance: 8Ohm

Sensitivity: 92dB

Frequency Range: 45 – 5000Hz

Size in mm (W x H x D): 330 x 235 x 260

Weight in kg: 5,5

Price: CZK 8700



the 10mini

A plain, single ten inch speaker cab? Yes, kind of… But make it really SMALL and really LIGHT, use a high performance neodymium woofer in it and suddenly you have a surprisingly big, fat ‘n’ round but articulated sound. Probably the smallest and lightest 1×10 in the market, BTWThe-10-Mini_web



Configuration: 1×10″

Power Handling: 150W RMS

Impedance: 8Ohm

Sensitivity: 96dB

45 – 6000HzThe-10-Mini_backside_web

Size in mm (W x H x D): 350x 290 x 280

Weight in kg: 6

Price: CZK 9900